Meet the Characters of Ndbag The Boogeyman
Ndbag The Boogeyman

Ndbag is a boogeyman. Yes, that’s right. A boogeyman. But don’t worry. There is no reason to be scared. Boogeymen are not the scary people-eating monsters that people tell stories about. In fact, as Ndbag puts it “No self-respecting boogeyman would eat people where there are socks to be had.” Actually dirty socks are Ndbag’s favourite food. They are yummmy - triple-m yummy. Socks are the reason that the little boogeyman turned up in Mylene’s closet one night. After some initial misunderstandings the two hit it off and Ndbag made the hamper in Mylene’s closet his permanent residence.

The little boogeyman is a cute little fellow who likes to play and cuddle and nap a lot. He gets Mylene into trouble, helps her out of trouble and generally comes up with interesting things to do around the house. He does have a mischievous streak sometimes but is kind at heart.

Likes: Dirty socks, lint, playing with spiders, cuddling
Dislikes: Clean socks, goblins, math
Age: 827 years
Random fact: His uncle used to tell him stories about the time he spent living in the closet of a pirate ship.

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Ndbag The Boogeyman