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Pandbag Ndbag The Boogeyman

Pandbag is Ndbag’s panda alter-ego. He came up with Pandbag after a slightly unpleasant incident which involved a dress and a bow for his hair.
When he dresses up in his costume he becomes the most “pandabulous and pandatastic boogeypanda”. However, being a panda does have its hazards, as Pandbag has been mistaken for a plushie on at least one occasion. Even though the ensuing situation was a bit unpleasant it has not put Ndbag off wearing his costume on special occasions.

Likes: Playing sockteaparty, socks
Dislikes: Wearing dresses
Age: 1 year (Ndbag came up with Pandbag last year)
Random fact: Ndbag made the costume himself.

Ndbag The Boogeyman in a dress
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Pandbag Character of Ndbag the Boogeyman