Meet the Characters of Ndbag The Boogeyman
ZK (Zerakiel Kwintosz) Ndbag The Boogeyman

ZK is a dryer goblin. Dryer goblins generally live in laundry rooms, laudromats and other places where clean laundry is produced. They like clean things, the smell of washing powder and especially lint. Their predilection for lint is also the reason for their fluffy looks. Being repeatedly washed and tumble dried is an “occupational hazard” for drier goblins.

ZK turned up in the laundry room of Mylene’s house one day because he liked the neighbourhood and the house seemed nice and hauntable.
Ndbag and ZK have a very special relationship. They enjoy arguing and playing tricks on each other and make a big issue out of their differences. Even though they claim not to like each other, they do reach their own kind of understanding.

Likes: Lint, clean laundry, washing powder
Dislikes: Dirty socks, dust, boogeymen
Age: Unknown
Random fact: He grew up in a laundromat.

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ZK Character of Ndbag The Boogeyman