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Of course Ndbag has heard about mobile phones. Just recently he found out that people actually do much more than talk into them. Some people like to play games on them, surf the internet, write messages, and “sock them up”. Therefore he has decided that he will lend you a hand in the “socking up” department by making some mobile phone wallpapers for you. In addition to the iPhone wallpapers, which were his first cell phone project, he has made similar wallpapers in a number of different resolutions and sizes that should fit most cell phones.
The images are packed into archives and sorted by resolution for convenience. Just pick the resolution that (most closely) matches your mobile phone’s display resolution and download it to your computer. Extract the archive to a place where you will find the wallpapers again. Transfer an image to your cell phone and set it as a wallpaper. And there you go! You have your own little boogeyclaus or Pandbag on your phone. Ndbag in all of his guises would enjoy riding along in your pocket wherever you go. Pick up the cute cell phone wallpapers and turn your phone into a pandatastically cute Boogeyphone.
If you are looking for wallpapers in the resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, you can go to the iPhone page , even if your phone is a different brand and grab the individual files directly from there.
If your phone requires a resolution that is not listed, you can email Ndbag via the contact page and tell him, which resolution you need. If it is at all possible, he will try to come up with a version for you.
In the meantime, enjoy the cute Christmassy wallpapers or some of the other downloads Ndbag has made for you.