Ndbag The Boogeyman Christmas Special
Ndbag The Boogeyman Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a really great invention. They are a great excuse to stay in touch with people and to show them that you are thinking of them. Ndbag made a couple of cards and already sent them to all of his friends and relatives. He also decided to share his designs with you, so you can send or give these cute Christmas cards to all of your friends and relatives as well. Since his website is available in both English and German, so are his Christmas cards. You can pick either version, or both, if you know someone who speaks German. Depending on where you live, the standard envelope sizes are slightly different, so Ndbag made them in two standard sizes that are readily available in that area.
There is a choice of full colour and colour-yourself versions for you in a neat little archive. Just pick the envelope size and language you would like to print, download, and extract the archive and you are good to go.

Print the designs you want to send. When you print the cards, make sure not to scale them. If your printer says the sheet is too large, just centre the page and print it. There is enough space around the sides of the sheet, so it does not matter, if the page size does not fit exactly. The cards will look best, if you use fairly thick paper (200g/m^2 or Basis Weight of 54lbs/ Caliper 0.009) or card stock. The paper also comes in handy for some of Ndbag’s other projects.

Cut along the outer edge of the card and fold it along the middle black line. Colour it, if you have picked the colouring version, write a little message inside and you are done. Of course you can draw an additional picture on the back or inside of the card. There is plenty of space. Ndbag recommends drawing socks, of course, but you can draw anything you like.

Europe uses the C6 format, which is 114 × 162mm or 4½ × 6½ inches.

European Envelope Size C6 - English Text

European Envelope Size C6 - German Text

In North America the format is called A6, which is slightly larger at 120.7 × 165.1mm or 4¾× 6 ½ inches.

North American Envelope Size A6 - English Text

North American Envelope Size A6 - German Text

Enjoy Ndbag’s Christmas cards and share the pandatastic boogeyman Christmas spirit with everyone you know.

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