Ndbag The Boogeyman Christmas Special
Ndbag The Boogeyman gift Tags

Ndbag really likes the idea of presents. Even if presents are not the main reason for Christmas, they are still a very nice part of it. So he had the idea of making little gift tags. After all, with a stack of parcels for the whole family under the tree, it can get pretty confusing. With Ndbag’s gift tags you can keep things nice and orderly. Write the recipient’s name or a little message in there and each gift will be with its new owner very soon. Or cut out the tags and send them to Santa and perhaps he will use them for your presents? There are lots of uses for the little boogeyman’s cute gift tags.

As usual Ndbag has made a colour version as well as tags that you can colour yourself. Print out one of the designs and colour them, if you choose the colouring version. Then cut them out along the black lines, fold them in the middle, make a small hole in the top corner (with a hole punch) and thread a string through it. There are some nice Christmassy sparkly ones available. With the string it can be attached to a parcel easily. The tags will work best of you use card stock or thick paper to print them on (for example: 200g/m^2 or Basis Weight of 54lbs/ Caliper 0.009).

Have fun making and using Ndbag’s gift tags.

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