Ndbag The Boogeyman Christmas Special
Wallpapers Ndbag The Boogeyman

You might already be familiar with Ndbag’s wallpapers in a wide variety of sizes and resolutions. Because Ndbag is very keen on Christmas and because he thinks that many computers are much too dreary during the jolly season, the little boogeyman has some special Christmas and winter themed wallpapers for you. He is certain that one of them will fit your computer nicely. Add Christmas cheer to your desktop while you work, play, or surf the net.

Download the wallpaper(s) you like in the resolution that fits your monitor. If your resolution is not listed, pick the one that is closest. Most operating systems offer a variety of ways to deal with the differences in size, such as “scale”, “centre” etc. You should be able to come up with a pleasing setup without too much trouble.