Ndbag The Boogeyman Easter Special

As you know, Ndbag is a great fan of Easter. He has even gone as far as to modify his Pandbag suit a little bit, so he can be an easterpandabunny. He likes painting eggs, hiding them, and hopefully finding them again. And there are cute chocolate bunnies, and chocolate eggs, and the little boogeyman hopes that there will be a lot of socks as well. Furthermore, much as he likes winter and playing in the snow, it is nice to think that spring is not too far off.
In order to get you into the mood for Easter and spring, too, Ndbag has prepared a number of little Easter goodies for you. Things to sock up your devices, things to share and things to build. Check out all his little Easter surprises. And the best thing is that you won't have to search them all over the place, because they will be right here on his special Easter Page. The little boogeyman wishes you a very happy Easter and hopes you will enjoy it as much as he does.

Ndbags easter cellphone wallpapers

By now Ndbag has kind of gotten the hang of things. He knows that people sock up their cellphones and he has made a number of cellphone wallpapers for you in the past. So, of course he made some Easter themed ones for you. Get them for your phone and enjoy his cheerful Easter pictures on the go.

Ndbag the boogeyman Easter iPhone Wallpapers

The little boogeyman has not forgotten about all of you iPhone users out there and has made some Easter-themed wallpaper images for you.

Ndbag the boogeyman Easter Wallpapers

What would any Ndbag Special be without some appropriately themed wallpapers for your computer? Of course the little boogeyman did not forget about designing some for you. Check out his cute Easter Wallpapers in a variety of sizes and sock up your PC in a most Easterly fashion.

Ndbags easter special
Ndbag the boogeyman Easter Hamper Nest

The basket and/or nest in an essential part of Easter, just like bunnies, Easter eggs and socks. Why not do it in boogeytastic style with Ndbag's hamper nest?

Ndbags easter Avatars

Easter is much more fun, if you can share it with friends and relatives. Show everyone on the internet that you are an easterpandabunny, like Easter eggs or that even plushies can enjoy Easter.