Ndbag The Boogeyman Easter Special
Ndbag The boogeyman Avatars and Icons easter

Show everybody on the internet that you are in a boogeytastic and pandabulous Easter mood with Ndbag's cute Easter avatars. You can share your enthusiasm with family and friends on various social networking platforms, forums and in instant messaging applications. Or append them as a signature to your Easter emails.
Turn yourself into the easterpandabunny or use the colourful Easter egg, that the little boogeyman has painted himself. Or show everyone that Pandaman is a good sport who will play along with Ndbag's silly antics as he wears pink Easterbunny ears.
Whichever image you choose, Ndbag wishes you lots of fun and Happy Easter!
Download the avatars to your computer by right-clicking on them and selecting "Save as". Pick a folder/location you will remember and click save.
To use the avatar, follow the instructions of the forums or software where you want to use it. For online use you can also link to the file directly. Ndbag won't mind sharing a tiny little bit of his bandwidth with you.
Ndbag has also made a number of regular Avatars for you. Click to check them out.

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