Ndbag The Boogeyman Easter Special
Ndbag The boogeyman easter hamper nest

Ndbag has a new craft project for you. In keeping with the season, it is of course, Easter-themed. Baskets and nests are an integral part of Easter, after all. They provide a handy place to keep the eggs you have found or can serve as a little container for gifts you want to hide.
Of course it wouldn't be a proper Ndbag the Boogeyman project, if it did not have some socks in it. So, the obvious choice for Ndbag was to make a model of his little hamper, which is filled with socks.
As usual, the little boogeyman has a choice of pre-coloured and colour-yourself versions ready for you. Simply print out the version you would like to build, cut it out and assemble it according to the instructions and you are all set to celebrate Easter in true boogeyman-style.
And don't forget to fill your little easterhamper with a few socks to keeps eggs and gifts well-padded.

  • Simply download and print out the design of your choice.
  • If you printed out the colour-yourself design, colour the parts using crayons or coloured pencils.
  • If you have really thick paper (200g/m^2 or Basis Weight of 54lbs/ Caliper 0.009) you can probably do without the next step and proceed straight to the cutting.
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  • Glue the printout of the hamper onto a clean piece of cardboard (a piece of a cereal box or the backing of a notepad, for example).
  • Wait for it to dry.
  • Cut your boogeyman out along the marked lines. If you need help cutting you can ask your parents, siblings or anyone with “cutting-experience” to give you a hand.
  • Glue the pieces together and let them dry for a few minutes, if necessary.
  • Put some socks into your easterhamper to keep the contents safe and to add that special boogeyman flair.
  • Enjoy Easter with Ndbag.
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