Ndbag The Boogeyman Easter Special
Easter Wallpapers Ndbag The Boogeyman

Ndbag likes wallpapers. They are cute, cheerful and make your PC special. With just a few clicks you can add that personal touch to your computer and make it unique. Of course, Easter is a welcome excuse for our little boogeyman to come up with some new ones for you. They are appropriately Easter-themed and show Ndbag as he gets ready for Easter. Be it the little boogeyman painting eggs, or Pandbag as the easterpandabunny who hops around to hide them. Or, how about Pandaman, whom Ndbag drafted into his Easter celebration by making him wear pink bunny ears? Of course the little plushy is a good sport and endures Ndbag's brand of silliness with stoic pandapatience.
Whichever wallpaper you choose, Ndbag is certain that you will have a great Easter.