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The little boogeyman enjoys colouring a lot. However, the only drawback is that once a picture is coloured, you cannot colour it again. That is, until now. Ndbag has made a fun colouring game for you. You can choose from a variety of pictures and colour them any way you want to. If you don't like the results you can colour over parts of the picture, or reset the whole image and start over. If you have ever wondered what Ndbag looks like in pink, or which colour combinations might work for Pandbag's costume, then this game is definitely right for you.
Pick an image to colour from the little navigation window on the left and off you go. You can also save your creations to your computer and post them online or send them to friends. Ndbag hopes that you will have lots of fun with his little colouring game and he won't mind if you make him pink, green, or yellow.
(Please note: The save function requires FlashPlayer 10 in order to work.)

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