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Ndbag loves to draw pictures. He will draw portraits, landscapes, or a big pile of socks. He fancies himself quite the artist and enjoys using all the colours he can get his little furry hands on. But what to do when there aren't any crayons and paper at hand?!
The little boogeyman's solution is simple and elegant: Draw pictures with his online drawing board! You can draw in various colours and even erase little mistakes. And since half the fun of drawing is giving away the pictures you created, a save-function is included as well. You can save your pictures to your computer and then print or email your art to friends and family, or post them online in a photo gallery.
Ndbag hopes that you will have just as much fun playing with his drawing board, as he himself does. Enjoy!
(Please note: The save function requires FlashPlayer 10 in order to work.)

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