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As everyone knows, the little boogeyman lives in the hamper in his friend Mylene’s closet. Ndbag invites you to join him in his little nook on the internet, his online hamper, and to get to know him and his friends.

Read Ndbag's cute web comic strips full of pandas, cuteness, socks, and silliness, catch up on the latest boogeyman news or download cute wallpapers, avatars etc. to “sock up” your computer. And don't forget to check out his crafts projects and fun little games and have a generally pandatastic time. Or, as Ndbag might put it: Grab a sock and get comfy!


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Happy day.

Today is a very special day!!!



Was the guard-panda approach successful?!


Different approach.

Pandbag the guard-panda takes a different approach to keeping the house guarded and safe from...


A better choice.

The Amazing Sock-Man doesn't have a guard dog, but perhaps he has an even better idea.



The Amazing Sock-Man is waiting for those elusive burglars to arrive.



Perhaps Sherlock Bages isn't the best person for the job after all?!

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