Ndbag The Boogeyman Fun Projects

Ndbag can keep himself amused with socks and lint or by playing with the spiders in the attic for hours on end. Admittedly, those are activities best suited to boogeymen. Regular people might not see the appeal in that for any length of time.
However, it does show that you don’t always need fancy toys or video games to keep yourself amused. With a bit of imagination you can have a lot of fun with very simple things.
Ndbag took some time off his busy schedule of sorting socks, napping and causing havoc to come up with some boogeyman-themed little projects for you.


Masks Ndbag The Boogeyman
Colouring Sheets Ndbag The Boogeyman
Stand-up Model Ndbag The Boogeyman
Papercraft Ndbag The Boogeyman
Ndbag's Safety Tips Ndbag The Boogeyman
Ndbag The Boogeyman Fun Projects